Vivek the crooner

"Elevate Your Events with Enchanting Live Music."


“Vivek Sharma’s live music performance in Raipur was absolutely mesmerizing! His musical prowess and soulful melodies created an enchanting atmosphere that left the audience captivated. Vivek’s unique blend of talent and passion is a testament to his commitment to delivering extraordinary musical experiences. We can’t wait to witness his next performance – it’s a must-see for anyone who craves musical magic!”

paresh bhattad

“Vivek The Crooner delivered a truly captivating performance in Delhi. His mesmerizing vocals and stage presence captivated the entire audience. The versatility in his music, from soulful ballads to high-energy anthems, left everyone in awe. Vivek truly understands how to connect with the crowd, making each moment unforgettable. His talent and charisma turned the evening into a magical musical journey. We can’t wait to experience his incredible music again!”

bijendra kumar